donderdag 29 mei 2008

New Computer

I've just received and configured my new computer. I've decided to stick with XP 32 bit, because of the good quality and good experiences of that program. Vista and/or 64 bit Windows still have issues concerning Visual Studio 2008 and installing Visual Studio 2005 might be worse. It's just choosing between the pros and the cons of each side: 64 bit Vista vs 32 bit XP. 32 bit XP is the winner.

The following essentials have been installed:

1) Security and essential system software:
a. AVG Antivirus Free 8
b. Windows Defender
c. Internet Explorer 7
d. Auslogics Registry Defragment
e. Sysinternal's Page Defrag
f. Ccleaner
g. Acronis True Image 11 Home
h. update to sp3 for XP

2) Office:
a. 2.4 (good drawing program included)
b. MS Office 2007 Home and Student
c. MS Office 2007 Access

3) Development:
a. MS Visual Studio 2008 Professional
b. MS SQL Express 2005

4) Virtuialization:
a. Virtual PC 2007sp1

Because I've already two licensed copies of XP Pro I'll transfer both into virtual machines created by Virtual PC. One license of XP has already been transferred to such a virtual machine and there is still one license to do. Both XP instances get the same essentials except "Acronis Trua Image" because I create backups of the virtual PC directories.

Instance 1:

a. (yes, it has a nice drawing program I really need)
b. Office 2000 (except Outlook)
c. Visual Studio 2008 Express (just for doing some nice experiments)
d. Visual Studio 6 (yep, it's very old, but can be practical)

Instance 2:

a. (the nice vector drawing program! Bitmap painters are toys.. ;-)
b. Visual Studio 2005 Standard (for doing some heavier experiments)
c. Turbo Delphi Explorer (I'd like to experiment with Object Pascal and Lazarus still isn't out of Beta :-( )

vrijdag 2 mei 2008

Add-in libraries

I'm experimenting with add-ins to work like a library for VBA projects. This looks like a COM DLL written in Visual Basic.

Create a normal spreadsheet and write classes and or modules in it. This normal spreadsheet is just for testing and debugging. If there are no more bugs, you can remove everything on the worksheet. Unfortunately even this will be a library, it is required that there is at least 1 worksheet available. After this you can save your work as an add-in. So do so.
Now it is time to activate the add-in as a regular add-in like Analysis toolpack. Now you can create a normal spreadsheet and go to the VBA editor and add a reference to that add-in.