vrijdag 7 maart 2008

The reason for my setup hurdle

I was faced with a hurdle upon setup. I've received a read-error from DVD and I didn't like that. At first I could escape by cancel, but then the setup gets abandoned and that's not the desired action. I re-inserted the DVD into the same drive and I retried. From now I didn't get a single read-error anymore. Today I looked again at the DVD and I saw a good surface, but I detected some small dust particles. I cleaned the disc with air and a very soft cloth. Because my base OS is Linux I issued the following command as root in order to pinpoint the culprit. At the console I entered:

dd if=/dev/hdX of=~/tom.iso

where X means the number of the physical drive at the ATA port.

hd1 is the first
hd2 is the second
and so on

Neither of my three DVD drives gave a single criticism about the integrity of the disc and the hardware. Upon my setup hurdle I did get a kick on my butt (Dutch: oorvijg, billenkoek) by Linux saying that there were some read-errors. The culprit is just that stupid piece of dust. I also find on my Windows image's logs the same criticism about the disc. If it wasn't the piece of dust, I'd been faced a delay and a failed installation. (Dutch: gesjeesd voor mijn examen) Now I'm very happy and I will continue this blog

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