donderdag 6 maart 2008

Just peeking around

The action 'hxMergeAll' during installing MSDN libraries did last for more than a half on an hour, whilst installing all the files (and that's not a small one!) only lasts a mere 10 minutes!

Now I'm peeking around and installing some extra stuff like

1. VistaDB Express Edition (small but powerful database engine)
2. Visual Studio SDK (for creating extensions)
3. I like to install the trial of Chrome again and I've encountered a new version!

I've already done an interesting experiment:

I've created a small new project in the shape on an Excel 2007 template. This template won't be enabled for VBA, since I'd like to be freed from old-fashioned COM artifacts. After building the project I've received a small DLL instead of the VBA code.

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Cheers on the project!

Fred Reckling
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