donderdag 13 maart 2008

I'm faced with one problem

I'm faced with one problem, since I cannot find a way to upload small project zip files to this blog. I've to find a way to solve this problem. There are some requirements to be met to be able to use them:

1. Excel 2007 must be installed including .NET programmability
2. Visual Studio 2008 Professional or higher must be installed
3. A copy of VistaDB must be present. I prefer the Express Edition, but the normal edition is also perfect! Avoid using the trial version, because of its time-bomb function after 30 days.

I'm against time-bomb function in trial or evaluation software for several reasons:

1. The can be circumvented by clever power-programmers
2. There are better ways to distinguish between a licensed version or an evaluation copy

Are there examples? Yes there are:

a. Microsoft deploys non-expiring Express Editions of Visual Studio. There are limitations (add-ins inpossible), but evaluators can evaluate the product as their hearts' content and enjoy programming.
b. CodeGear/Borland deploys non-expiring Explorer Editions of the Turbo series of Delphi, C++ Builder. There are even more limitations compared with MS's Visual Studio Express, but the user can enjoy using the package!
c. Other vendors display 'nag-screens' with the statement that deploying is prohibited or they make a water-mark into the resulting executables or libraries. As long as the evaluator doesn't deploy anything, he or she is legally using the product for evaluating purposes.
d. Some deploy special Community or Free Editions with some limitations or none at all, but using the software under this license is forbidden for commercial usage.
e. A light-version of a piece of software only runs while the IDE is active or a nag-screen gets displayed.

By using these ways of deployment and (evaluation)licensing I think that counterfeiting will diminish. Time-bombing looks like the cause of counterfeiting and cracking.

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