vrijdag 7 maart 2008

The first template project

I've an existing template. Sorry, but I can't share it to you, since it contains proprietary code, but I can tell you a global howto. The spreadsheet in question contains two macro's:

1. Upon startup it must set the data to that of tomorrow
2. Using Excel's menu an action needs to be inserted which has to do a number of things:
a. save the spreadsheet
b. mail it to the main office
c. protect it against writing at all
d. prepare a new spreadsheet for the next day
e. maintain a satellite spreadsheet containing ticket-numbers

There are two serious drawbacks against the current situation:

1. Sometimes you want set a date by yourself
2. Creating a menu entry for a macro is very tricky and may lead to subtle and hard to debug errors

The .NET way is very nice to do:

1. I now can put the two command-buttons into the spreadsheet, so I don't need the menu anymore.
2. I now can get rid of old-fashioned VBA and program in the .NEaT way.
3. The spreadsheet remains small, since the code resides now in a small .DLL file

I have to analyze the project's non-vb files in order to get information how the process goes. So I also have to test the system outside VS2008. But .NEaT has an XCOPY option, so deploying must be a sweet piece of a cake.

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