donderdag 28 februari 2008

Still awaiting my upgrade, but interesting freebee

I'm still waiting for my copy of VS 2008 Professional, but I've caught a very nice freebee from VistaDB. It's called VistaDB Express Edition and you can look at . It is a very interesting database engine because:

1. It's written in managed code
2. It's tiny (yes it's darn tiny)
3. It's powerful despite its tiny size
4. It's SQL language compatible with SQL Server Express
5. It get updated regularly
6. The databases created are also very tiny

There's one but: although its SQL Server compatibility, not everything works at this time like CURSOR and FETCH.

Despite of these small limitations this DB is far better than Jet/Access and even SQL Server CE!
You'll hear from me regarding this database!

You can download it at and give it a try

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